Respite Stay

Need a Short inpatient stay....we can help!

While Riverview is owned and operated by the Ottawa County Commissioners, the facility is financially independent. Riverview receives no funds from the Ottawa County general fund. Riverview’s revenue stream includes Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay Individuals, and commercial insurances among a few other smaller revenue sources.

Riverview does have a five year .5 mill tax levy which brings in approximately $850,000 per year. This tax levy is utilized for capital projects to keep the facility in good condition to remain an asset to the Ottawa County tax payers, a comfortable home to our residents and an attractive choice in our competitive senior housing industry.

This site is updated with current Riverview capital projects funded by our Riverview levy.

The Riverview Renovation Project is funded by a 10 million dollar Bond being paid through the facility's currently .5 mil tax levy. 

Respite Stays

Respite Stays

These are normally inpatient stays of five days or less and are available to provide a break for home caregivers. Financial assistance for these stays is offered through the VA; the Alzheimer’s Association of Northwest Ohio and can also be a paid benefit through Hospice.