Rehab Clinic

Where Rehab goes beyond physical... it is a state of mind!

While Riverview is owned and operated by the Ottawa County Commissioners, the facility is financially independent. Riverview receives no funds from the Ottawa County general fund. Riverview’s revenue stream includes Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay Individuals, and commercial insurances among a few other smaller revenue sources.

Riverview does have a five year .5 mill tax levy which brings in approximately $850,000 per year. This tax levy is utilized for capital projects to keep the facility in good condition to remain an asset to the Ottawa County tax payers, a comfortable home to our residents and an attractive choice in our competitive senior housing industry.

This site is updated with current Riverview capital projects funded by our Riverview levy.

The Riverview Renovation Project is funded by a 10 million dollar Bond being paid through the facility's currently .5 mil tax levy. 

Rehab Clinic

The Rehab Clinic at Riverview features over... 3,600 feet of physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation space. The Rehab Clinic includes a fully functional kitchen, bedroom and laundry training facilities. Other amenities include an indoor car to practice transfers, a simulated grocery aisle and an ATM machine.

At the Rehab Clinic, our outstanding team of licensed therapists offer customized rehabilitation services to each individual on an INPATIENT or OUTPATIENT basis. Under the direction of a physician, our program includes physical, occupational, speech therapies and restorative nursing services and includes Anodyne therapy, Paraffin treatments, manual therapy, NuStep, Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, TENS and home evaluations. Our rehabilitation program is designed for individuals who are recovering from strokes, orthopedic conditions, severe arthritis, neuromuscular disorders, chronic pain and multiple trauma, just to name a few. Scheduling is flexible throughout the week including weekends and holidays.

Outpatient Services

The Rehab Clinic offers outpatient therapy services to members of the community of all ages, without a prior inpatient stay. Outpatients and their families can access the Rehab Clinic in the back of campus by using the designated Rehab Clinic parking and entrance. Outpatient scheduling is flexible including weekend and holiday availability.

Senior Health & Wellness

After being successfully discharged from your therapy program, continue to maintain what you gained by taking part in The Rehab Clinic’s Senior Health and Wellness Program. Participants can choose from 1 to all 4 of our modules: Senior Stroll, Senior Strengthening, Senior Stretching and Senior Stamina. Each module has its own booklet with helpful workout tips and a way to track your progress. This program is offered Monday through Friday for a low cost of just $8 per month for 1 or all 4 modules. The program has also been used by seniors preparing for planned surgeries, the stronger you go in, the quicker and stronger you will be back on your feet!

Restorative Therapy

For residents remaining at Riverview after completing Therapy, we offer Restorative Therapies. Restorative Therapy helps you keep the functioning you have worked hard for with our Therapy Department. Restorative Therapy programs are designed under the direction of our Restorative Registered Nurse (RN). The Restorative RN works closely with our Therapy Department to design programs individualized towards your goals. Exercises are completed with State Test Nurse Aides (STNA) specially trained in Restorative Exercises.