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While Riverview is owned and operated by the Ottawa County Commissioners, the facility is financially independent. Riverview receives no funds from the Ottawa County general fund. Riverview’s revenue stream includes Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay Individuals, and commercial insurances among a few other smaller revenue sources.

Riverview does have a five year .5 mill tax levy which brings in approximately $850,000 per year. This tax levy is utilized for capital projects to keep the facility in good condition to remain an asset to the Ottawa County tax payers, a comfortable home to our residents and an attractive choice in our competitive senior housing industry.

This site is updated with current Riverview capital projects funded by our Riverview levy.

The Riverview Renovation Project is funded by a 10 million dollar Bond being paid through the facility's currently .5 mil tax levy. 

Salon Services at Riverview Health Center


Enjoy your meals prepared fresh by our staff in one of the three resident dining rooms. Menus are designed for you by our diet technician, along with a Licensed Dietician, to ensure you or your loved one receives tasty and nutritious meals. Choose from our pre-planned menu or menu alternative, or there is also a made to order menu, which includes chef’s salad, a good old fashion hamburger, grilled cheese, and several other tasty items. Salads are offered at each meal along with a delicious homemade soup of the day. Breakfast items can also be ordered at every meal. If you get hungry outside of meal times, you can choose something from our 24 hour menu to enjoy in your room! If your family or friends would like to dine with you low cost guest meals are also available.

Made to Order Menu